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Women in Slavery

Installation, Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, Texas 1992

Robert Barsamian using the Armenian lapis blue pigment painted a sourced image of an Armenian slave woman with tattoos on her forehead and chin with the legacy of each Turkish owner continuing down her open blouse to show her chest tattoos. 


With the influence of his grandmother’s survival of the Armenian Genocide, Barsamian demonstrates the strength of spirit and survival of women.  The slave woman was “branded” to show her ownership like cattle “ryiah”.  His haunting portrait uses a halo to profound effect, Barsamian has created an image that develops like a photograph of emotions. 

PICT0390 Women in Slavery #1 (MM Installation 12'x25') 1992.JPG
PICT0394 Women in Slavery #1 (MM Installation 12'x25') 1992.JPG
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