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Paintings and Drawings

Predator or prey?  To Robert Barsamian the process in nature is understandable. 


Barsamian is always questioning if it is man’s inhumanity to man.  Using allegorical images to create his message Barsamian also uses colors to reinforce his personal iconography of specific inhumane events. Using sourced historic imagery of Armenian children painted in black and white which is used as a promise of the future, but appear ghost like as that future did not happen.  Traditional brides are also portrayed in black and white while the predators typically are full color.  The good life depicted with fruit or flowers always beckoning in each painting.  The brown bear predator over the freshly killed deer is juxtaposed with the fruit and an Armenian orphan child looking on.

''Snake'' 9' x 6' [2005].jpg

Snake, multimedia collage, 2005, 9' x 6'

''Bear'' 6' x 8' [2005].jpg

Bear, multimedia collage, 2005, 6' x  8'

''Spider'' 7' x 6' [2005].jpg

Spider, multimedia collage, 2005, 7' x  6'

''Deer'' 6' x 10' [2005].jpg

Deer, multimedia collage, 2005,  6' x 10'

''Rabbit'' 6' x 9' [2005].jpg

Rabbit, multimedia collage, 6' x 9'

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